2019 Lectureship

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2019 Lectureships

Studies in 1 and 2 Peter

November 1st
7:00 pm Exiles (This world is not my home) I Peter 1:1,2
Dave Miller of Apologetics Press

8:00 pm Born Again to a Living Hope  I Peter 1:3-25

Dave Miller of Apologetics Press

November 2nd
9:00 am Living Stones  I Peter 2:4-12
Tyler Young Houston, Tx

10:00 am Priesthood of All Believers  I Peter 2:4-10    Kevin Key McMinnville, Tn.

11:00 am Built Up a Spiritual House  I Peter 2:4-5 Ephesians 2:19-22                               James Nesmith Richmond, Va

Lunch on your own. 

2:00 pm Respecting and Submitting as Followers of Christ I Peter 2:13-25         Kevin Key McMinnville, Tn.

2:00 pm (Women Only)  Respecting and Submitting as Followers of Christ I Peter 2:13-25                                Verne’ Wine Chesapeake, Va

3:00 pm Relationships: Husbands and Wives; Christians and Others  I Peter 3:1-12
Melvin Jones Prince George, VA

4:00 pm Dealing with Difficult Circumstances I Peter 3:13-22
Tyler Young Houston, Tx

Supper on your own

7:00 pm Living for Christ  I Peter 4:1-11
Albert Brown Marion, IA

8:00 pm Suffering for Being a Christian I Peter 4:12-19
Albert Brown Marion, IA

November 3rd

9:30 am Sure and Certain 2 Peter 1:3-11
Melvin Otey Montgomery, AL

10:30 am Living a Life that Counts 2 Peter 3:14-18
Melvin Otey Montgomery, AL

6:00 pm The True Grace of God
I Peter 5:8-12
Doug Haught Mechanicsville, VA